Formal Training

Our formal training is based on the Huntsmith tm Silent Command System.  The system begins with you learning how to read your dog and anticipate its actions.  We also use this program to work with dogs who are lacking obedience. 

  • Foundation Level

    • Prerequisites: puppy development​

    • Build a relationship with your dog so that they look to us for instruction in the learning process. 

    • Establish points of contact on either the neck or flank using a lead or check chord. 

    • $300 per week

  • Intermediate Level

    • Prerequisite:  Puppy development and Foundation Level training​

    • Transition from points of contact with check chord to remote cue with e-collar

    • $300 per week

  • Advanced Level

    • Prerequisite:  Puppy development, Foundation Level  training and Intermediate Level training​

    • Transfer all points of contact to the dogs neck

    • $300 per week

  • Wild Bird Camp

    • Prerequisites:  None​

    • Grouse & Woodcock training and exposure in Wisconsin (Spring & Fall)

    • $300 per week

  • One on One Training

    • This training is where we work with the individual on specific issues and what you can do at home to keep your dogs training moving in the right direction. ​

    • Per hour $50

    • One Full Day $300




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